Welcome to my (Dale Pearson) blog at Security Active.
The contents of this blog are my thoughts, findings, reviews, guides and thinks of interest to me that relate to information security and technology.

Abit of waffle about me…..
I have worked in IT since 1998, and worked in an Infosec role since 2004. I have always had a love of tech, but since getting involved in Infosec and the community, it really is a passion and a way of life, not just as job.
My knowledge in Infosec covers a fairly wide spectrum of areas, as I have such an interest, I like to take a look at everything. Obviously there is the compliance and regulatory side of things, and generic security consulting, I have also worked in computer forensics and been an expert witness. I have also covered strategy and risk based appoaches to Infosec, as well as policy production, and awareness campaigns. Finally there is what I consider the most enjoyable parts of Infosec, the penetration testing, vulnerability testing, physical assessments and social engineering, as well as Infosec research.

When I am not working in some capacity or another, the obsession continues… I either messing with a security tool in my home lab, researching or playing with some new tech, messing with my array of lockpicking and bypass tools, or doing something in relation to hypnosis, NLP, mentalism or magic. Of course inbetween this, I am blogging, twittering and podcasting.

Believe it or not, on top of that I make time for friends, family, cars and squash 🙂

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