British Airways IT Security Awareness Fail

I recently stumbled across a British Airways given at the ENISA Conference on the 19th June 2009. You can find the presentation BA-IT-Security-Awareness-presentation if your interested in having a read, its actually a good presentation for the intended audience.

I did learn from this presentation something new (every day is a school day after all), that an alternative for the standard CTRL+ALT+DEL and then pressing ENTER to lock your workstation is to press the WINDOWS KEY + L to instantly locking your machine (I think this may be XP and above).

So BA created an excellent poster to share this information, and to encourage people to lock the workstation when they step away for a cuppa. One small problem, from the imagery they want you to press the G key??? I assume this is an accidental mistake, and I have contacted BA to hopefully help them save some face, however its is a funny fail.

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One Response to “British Airways IT Security Awareness Fail”

  1. Andrew Waite says:

    I’ve used win+L for last few years. Love the poster though, wonder who proof-read it before print?

    Cheers for sharing, cheered me up no end

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