New WHS Server Build with ATOM 330 Dual Core

So for some time now I have been thinking of moving to an ATOM setup for my server, mainly to reduce operating costs. I had been looking at the various Dual Core Atom board, but all of them seemed to be limited to 2GB Ram, and I was concerned this might not be enough for future requirements.
So I got myself on of these Point of View NVIDIA ION Mini ITX, and 4GB DDR2 800Mhz memory.

So my original plan was to replace my AMD ATHLON, 2GB RAM WHS Server, and my old knacker of an ESXi server with this new box running ESXi V4.0. However it turned out the outboard HardDisk controller isnt supported by ESXi. I might look at getting a new controller card that is supported at some point, so change of plans and install WHS with Power Pack 3 (W7 Supporting) and VMware Server.


All installed and running really well, and seems I can run 8 VM’s plus the host OS and it copes fine.

The most important bit is I have more power and have dropped my watts from 160 to 50 ish watts 🙂

Update: I had some issues with the server losing network connection when backing up, or having a lot of traffic put its way. The solution was to disable checksum offload and segmentation offload on the onboard NIC.

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