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Review of the 3M Gold Privacy Filter

At Infosecurity Europe 2010 I got talking to the 3M guys about their new Gold Privacy Filter, and those lovely chaps gave me one to have a look at.

  • 3M Gold Privacy Filters provide twice the level of effective privacy protection and 14% higher clarity than standard black out privacy filters
  • User sees more clearly than ever while onlookers see nothing but a vibrant orange/golden screen

So why would you want a privacy filter?? Well if your a regular traveller and you don’t want the person next to you having a good peep whilst playing minesweeper, this will certainly help. Oh and of course those documents you work on containing sensitive data. It essentially just gives you some screen privacy and stops the shoulder surfers getting a look see.

There is not really alot to say, and I will let the below video demo do the talking. It does what is says on the tin, its easy to install and can be left in place 100% of the time. I will certainly be using this when travelling in the future. I do have one gripe with the product, but its most likely a personal thing. I have a matte screen, as reflections drive me mad, with the privacy filter in place, its glossy reflection city, and as its not something I am used to any more I couldn’t leave it on every day. I believe the previous version had gloss and matte sites, but this one seems the same both sides, still it does what it needs to do well, and serves its purpose, perhaps they mate release a matte version in the future.