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Chris Nickerson – Red and Tiger Team Testing – BruCon 2009

This is the third and final of my 3 videos recorded at BruCon 2009. Sorry its taken so long, I had some upload issues due to size, so this needs to be in two parts.
This is the excellent presentation from Chris Nickerson on Red and Tiger Team Testing.

Abstract: The world of Information Security is changing. Budgets are tighter, attacks are more sophisticated, and the corporate network is no longer the low hanging fruit. That leaves web-enabled applications as the vector-du-jour, but that well is quickly drying up for organized crime as well. As they creep up the OSI Model looking for easier ways to steal your corporate assets, they are quickly making their way up the stack to the unspoken 8th layer, the end user. So what is the next step in the never-ending escalation of this cyber war?

To find out, we must do as Sun Tzu taught. “Think like our enemy!” That is, after all, the primary tenet of penetration testing AKA ethical hacking, isn’t it? After years of hardening physical systems, networks, OSs, and applications, we have now come full circle to a new dawn of attack. People are now the target of the advanced hacker, and the cross-hairs are focused squarely on their foreheads… literally. It is only a matter of time before corporations fall from the raw effectiveness and lack of preparedness for this all too common attack.

Also to learn more about Chris and what hes up to check out his website and Exotic Liability.

Chris Nickerson – Red and Tiger Team Testing Part 1 – BruCon 2009 from Dale Pearson on Vimeo.

Chris Nickerson – Red and Tiger Team Testing Part 2 – BruCon 2009 from Dale Pearson on Vimeo.

Presentation Slides – Click Here

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