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Invest in the Community… Schuyler Towne and Open Locksport

Update – 1st May 2016

I thought I would do a short update for anyone coming across this post (as a few people have emailed me complaining). I didnt receive my lockpicks and probably never will. This is a prime example of the risks of Backing things online, even when you think the person is good for it.


One of the best thing about the InfoSec community is the people. Sure like everywhere there are the idiots, big headed know it alls, and the leachers, but in general we are a supportive bunch, and happy to share.

So this brings me to this blog post. Many of you will know that one of my other interests is Lock Picking, and there is this guy called Schuyler Towne (@shoebox), and he likes lock picking… just a little bit 🙂

So why am I sharing this information, well he has set up a Kick Starter project to help get some funding to release his own customer made picks. Now you may be thinking you have got picks, and thats great. However custom made picks can improve your picking, they look funky, and hey your supporting the community.

I think the pledging opportunity is over at the end of September, so get in now and play your part. Oh and there is also something in it for you.

Click the image below and check out the video for the full story…