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Social Engineering Tool Kit 0.5 Released

This post is a duplicate of the one I posted over at Head Hacker. The reason for posting here also is I covered SET here before Head Hacker was launched, and I didn’t want people to miss out on this exciting update.

The Social Engineering Tool Kit by Dave Kennedy has been updated to 0.5, Return of the Lemon 🙂

I have only just updated my version this morning, so have not yet had time to try out the new features myself, but I have to say I am excited by what the new version brings. Here are the high lights:

  • Harvesting of Credentials
  • Reporting Engine
  • SET HakSaw
  • Many Many Bug Fixes

I am excited about the new ability to harvest usernames and passwords from my cloned web pages, this really does bring a new and beneficial element to this approach. The HakSaw is also good news, allowing the SET to go more mobile. I look forward to seeing how this develops, especially with regards to any automation around autorun disabled clients. Keep up the awesome work Dave, and all that have helped along the way.

For full details of this release visit the Social Engineer Blog.