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The Real Hustler Blogging – Paul Wilson

I first found out about Paul’s work on the TV show in the UK “The Real Hustle”. They carry out some excellent cons on this show and explain how this goes down. Paul does some awesome slight of hand work, and I really admire his knowledge. Its great to see Paul has decided to set up a blog, and hopefully share some of his insight further with the rest of us.

Paul Wilson
A world renowned expert on cheating and con games, Paul is writer/presenter of hit BBC show The Real Hustle. He is also the co-creator, producer and star of Court TV’s “The Takedown” and has pulled more cons than anyone in history.
So check out Paul’s blog The Real Hustler, and check back regularly has he updates the contents.
If your not familiar with the show “The Real Hustle” check out this YouTube clip of Paul below doing his thing.