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Merry Christmas and Best Wishes in 2011

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2011 to all my readers.

Its been a good and busy year, and I hope the blogs I have been able to do have been worth while. I already have a good review planned for you in 2011 around wireless password cracking, just need some new hardware and time, oh the time.

Hope your all on the nice list, and don’t drink to much, catch you on the flip side  🙂

Head Hacker – Social Engineering, Hypnosis, NLP and more…

Information Security is a huge passion of mine, its more than just a job, its my way of life. I am sure to many people who are not as passionate, that’s sounds sad, boring and dull.

However, what if I was to talk to you about breaking into organisations, manipulating people to get information, and so much more. Sounds interesting, welcome to the world of Head Hacking.

Social Engineering is something many people have heard about, but we are clearly still not doing much about the people aspect of Information Security, and this is something we really need to patch.

Social Engineering, is different things to different people, but essentially its all about manipulation. There are many ways to manipulate people, but some of them are often overlooked, and maybe considered about out there. Social Engineering is something I enjoy, and linked with that are other passions which add many additional benefits. I am talking about Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mind Tricks, Mentalism, Misdirection, Influence and more.

If any of this sparks some interest, then please visit and sign up to my new site Head Hacker. I hope to build this site into an interesting, topical and knowledgeable resource.



Security Bloggers Meet Up, proposed 27th April near Earls Court London

Security Bloggers Meet Up Website.

If you going to be in the Earls Court London area on the 27th April, and your a security blogger, then the Security Bloggers Meet Up is going to be the place to be.

An excellent time was had by all last year around the same time as RSA, and I hope this event to be as good if not better.

So if your interested, check out the site and follow as this progresses and register your interest.

Hopefully see you there.

The Real Hustler Blogging – Paul Wilson

I first found out about Paul’s work on the TV show in the UK “The Real Hustle”. They carry out some excellent cons on this show and explain how this goes down. Paul does some awesome slight of hand work, and I really admire his knowledge. Its great to see Paul has decided to set up a blog, and hopefully share some of his insight further with the rest of us.

Paul Wilson
A world renowned expert on cheating and con games, Paul is writer/presenter of hit BBC show The Real Hustle. He is also the co-creator, producer and star of Court TV’s “The Takedown” and has pulled more cons than anyone in history.
So check out Paul’s blog The Real Hustler, and check back regularly has he updates the contents.
If your not familiar with the show “The Real Hustle” check out this YouTube clip of Paul below doing his thing.