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Head Hacker – Social Engineering, Hypnosis, NLP and more…

Information Security is a huge passion of mine, its more than just a job, its my way of life. I am sure to many people who are not as passionate, that’s sounds sad, boring and dull.

However, what if I was to talk to you about breaking into organisations, manipulating people to get information, and so much more. Sounds interesting, welcome to the world of Head Hacking.

Social Engineering is something many people have heard about, but we are clearly still not doing much about the people aspect of Information Security, and this is something we really need to patch.

Social Engineering, is different things to different people, but essentially its all about manipulation. There are many ways to manipulate people, but some of them are often overlooked, and maybe considered about out there. Social Engineering is something I enjoy, and linked with that are other passions which add many additional benefits. I am talking about Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mind Tricks, Mentalism, Misdirection, Influence and more.

If any of this sparks some interest, then please visit and sign up to my new site Head Hacker. I hope to build this site into an interesting, topical and knowledgeable resource.